Female Celebrities That Have Gone Naked (Pictures)

Female Celebrities That Have Gone Naked

The world loves nudity, well not everyone but most people.  When celebrities pose nude or topless for mainstream magazines, its usually for a good cause – most of the time. Lol.

Recently, you might have seen a nude picture or two of Star Trek actress, Zoe Saldana floating around but as a matter of fact, Miss Saldana isn’t the first celebrity to pose nude for Allure magazine.

Allure Magazine, a beauty magazine, has celebrated women and their form for a little while now. They get a few celebrities together or maybe just one and interview them on what they love most about their bodies and how comfortable they are wearing just their birthday suits.  Its become a well-known mini list of some sort from the beauty magazine aptly titled THE NAKED TRUTH. As easy it might seem for some to strip in front of the camera, its actually not one of the easiest things.

You have to be totally secured and confident in yourself to bare it all.  For some people, it helps to overcome shyness, for some it helps to improve self-esteem and for some, its not a big deal.

I have made a selection of 6 celebrities from the many to show off to you and the year the pictures were taken and featured in the magazine. Enjoy and thank me later.

ZOE SALDANA for Allure Magazine, June 2013 

Allure-Magazine-Nude-2012-411vibesCover Shoot
Allure-Magazine-Nude-2012-411vibesZoe Saldana for Allure Magazine 2013

JILL SCOTT for Allure Magazine 2008


Jill Scott, 2008

GABRIELLE UNION for Allure Magazine 2008


Gabrielle Union 2008

REGINA HALL for Allure Magazine, 2010


Regina Hall 2010

TARAJI P HENSON for Allure Magazine, 2011


Taraji P Henson 2011

KERI HILSON for Allure Magazine, 2012


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